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 Tutorial- Compounding Equipment

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PostSubject: Tutorial- Compounding Equipment   Wed Jan 09, 2008 11:27 pm

I know a lot of people have never compounded an item before, so I made this tutorial to explain how to compound, and what it does.

For a list of all the compound materials, go to http://www.mymmogames.net/wiki/index.php/Compound

There are other *Abnormal* attributes you can compound too (Critical Rate, Block rate, etc), but I dont know much about those.

Compounding an Equipment will add various stats to it. This includes AP, AC, DX, MP, MA, MD, WT, DA, LK, HP, DP, and HV

Elemental Attributes can also be added to weapons for elemental damage and to strengthen some elemental skills

You can also compound Elemental Resistance. They minimize the elemental damage taken from monsters

First bring your compound materials, the equipment you want to compound, and money to Alchemist Nate in either Desert Town - Paradise, Aquarius, or Carbigal. *Elixirs are optional for increasing the compound value

If you right click on your equipment, you will see a list of compoundable stats. You can ONLY compound what is shown in that list. It will also show you how many slots an item has ( The more slots, the more you can compound) if any.

Place the equipment on the slot provided and there will be a summary of what can be compounded and how many times you can compound it.

Next place your compound material on the first slot at the bottom. It will show you the value of the compound ( How much it'll add) and 2 numbers will appear in the slot with the material. The black number represents how much of the material you own and the red number is how much you need to compound your equipment. Your fee will appear at the bottom right corner. Once you are ready to compound, press the go button Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial- Compounding Equipment   Thu Jan 10, 2008 1:28 am

A few more things to consider when compounding:

1. The Sense-Type, 1st Job Skill "Compound Master" greatly improves your compounding ability (aka: higher scores)

2. Compounding is based off of LK & DA, high ranks in either/both of these stats (including EQ and ability buffs) will improve you coumponding ability. DA is definatly the ruling stat and effects compounding much more than LK, but don't expect to get max values without both high LK and DA.

3. The "Elixir" Myshop items will improve your comps, see individual deacriptions below:
~Black Elixir: Increses the LOW number in a compound by 20%

~White Elixir: Increases the HIGH number in a compound by 20%

~Green Black Elixir: Increases the LOW number by 20% and increases the chance of getting maximum value.

~Green White Elixir: Increases the HIGH number by 20% and increases the chance of getting maximum value

4. The Myshop item Nate's Bottle will allow you to remove aa already compounded ability on an equipment, thus freeing up the compound slot again
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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial- Compounding Equipment   Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:47 pm

DA only affects Compounds for PAUL and NADIA, not Nate.
For Nate compounds, only LK.

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PostSubject: Re: Tutorial- Compounding Equipment   

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Tutorial- Compounding Equipment
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