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 eTO Updates and News

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PostSubject: eTO Updates and News   Tue Jan 08, 2008 10:45 pm

Ok, for all of 'yall out there I started this thread to keep you updated on what is happing in the crazy place called Caballa Island. It will only have to do with TO events, news, specail promotions, myshop sales and any seasonal quests etc.

Obviosly, it's gonna be updated a lot and wether or not you play activly, you might want to keep checking back, especailly because of time limits on sales, events, etc.
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PostSubject: Re: eTO Updates and News   Tue Jan 08, 2008 11:02 pm

Ok, so now that I've made this thread, I'm gonna blather about what sort of crazy antics those omnipotent GMs have cursed us with!

Topics with an asterisk * will be removed on Jan. 9th @ 7PM PCT, topics with a tildae ~ go on for I don't know how long.

As of now, these things are happening:

*1. Christmas Quests: Continuing the plot between Witch Befana and Santa Clause, these are a bunch of drilling/hunting quests typical of the event nature. Moderate EXP & TM EXP for lower levels, talk to Fairy Aseri in Blooming Cora. Also to mention is the Fairy Aseri's ability to tele you to Gate of Snow Hill and Rose Garden for free.

*2. Myshop and Gacha Christmas Stuff: Check out Myshop for the entire lists, but "Hot" items include Queen Odenia and Princess Odenia Gift Boxes, Swirl Glasses and a Snow Set. Snow Hill is also an event Gacha Town with good loot, but it costs 2 Gacha Coins to drill once X_X

~3. Myshop Sale: Lots of good items anywhere from 10-40% off, full list here ----> http://www.tricksteronline.com/News/EventNewsViewII.aspx?no=72&viewcat=1

*4. Unique Item Discovery: I have no clue how or why, but if you find the item "Old Key" it tells everyone on the server with a big noise and a banner saying " [insert some lucky bum's name here] has found the Unique Item Old Key! Congratulations!." According to GMs, you get 50k Myshop points when/if you find one.

5. Myshop Christmas Gift: On Christmas the ever-giving GMs gave every account with a level 5+ a free 5000 Myshop points! w00t! Very Happy

*6. New Account Rewards: An new account created after Christmas that makes at least 1 level 30 before the patch gets 10 free Gacha Coins. Too bad its a new ACCOUNT not a new character, otherwise I'd be making 10x new Chars X_x

*7. Returing Tricksters: For any of you who haven't logged in in the past 3 months (I know there's a lot of you), if you log in before the patch, you will recieve 10 free Gacha Coins, as well as some G1 and WF Pots! Consider coming back, the GMs want you to return!

*8. Faithful Tricksters: Apparently, since the last patch (Dec. 24) eTO has been tracking who logs in and out everyday, and for each day you logged in you recieved 1 Old Passport, 1 Revo Gift Box, and 1 Attendance Sheet. Everyone who logged in every day between the patches will end up with at least 21 of the above items! Revo Gift Boxes have EQ loots, Old Passports can be used for Exchanges and, most importantly, everyone who ends up with 21 Attendance Sheets gets a FREE 5000 Myshop points!^0^ w00ts! Details here --->http://www.tricksteronline.com/News/EventNewsViewII.aspx?no=71&viewcat=1

That's all I can think of atm, PM me here or in-game if you here wind of anything new (Including stuff about Mirage Island the new town or the return of Ghost Blue)

*edited about 5 minutes after original posting*
**edited next day upon discovery of events #7 & #8**
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PostSubject: Re: eTO Updates and News   Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:04 pm

Patch 2.9.1 (Jan. 9th, 2008)

A few new things came out, and even a new event! wewts!

* = Ended/Removed on Jan. 23 @ 7 PM, PST

*1. Maid Minnie- A new myshop set, Maid Minnie is made for mages mostly. the stats aren't that great, a Classic or West Wind Special Set is much, much better, not to mention the EQ's come in one of those "surprise" boxes where you end up with 15 shields and no pet. X-X

*2. Nate's Compounding Challange- That ever-so-emo Compounder Nate wants you to compound! Yay! Its another event where foxes have a complete advabtage fver everyone! Yay! (/sarcasm) Anyways, basically you have to compound MP into some item, and if you have a certain MP on that item by the patch, you get awesome prizes. Dtails and rewards list ---> http://www.tricksteronline.com/News/EventNewsViewII.aspx?no=88&viewcat=1

*3. Pink & Amythyst Elixirs- Uber new elixirs come out a day after I compound my Classic Special....how fitting....Here's the stats on them, taken from Mr. Wiki ---> http://www.mytrickster.net/wiki/index.php/Item_Enhancing

~4. Beginner Gacha Town- Yet again, Cora Gacha town has been changed, new items and stuff for newbies.

5. Party Quests- Since they added those first paty quests in Paradise, everyone has fallen in love with them, so we've seen new quests there, Gate to Oops Warf, and now there's a new party quest in each of the Mines! Be warned, these are for 120+ parties! w00t! I <3 pt qwest!

6. Rewards- All the myshop points, gacha coins and other rewards for all events metioned in the last post were credidted, check your Myshop, you might have gotten a gift! I got my 5k from the Attendance Sheets! ^_^

7. Removal of Christmas- Yes, all of those god-awful boxes are gone FOREVER! Everyone may now rejioce at never drilling one agian! The ridiculous, un-rewarding quests have also been removed!

*edit, added #7*
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PostSubject: Re: eTO Updates and News   Fri Jan 18, 2008 12:18 am

Patch 2.9.3 (January 16th, 2008)

* = Ended/Removed on Jan. 30th

* 1. SUPER GACHA COINS! - Yeah! Super Gacha Coins are BACK! That's right folks, 25 Gacha Coins for the price of only 15! Need I say more!? LET'S GET DRILLING!

2. Third Job Fashion- w00t! The folks at eTO HQ wised up and realized that they could make even MORE money by allowing us to change those UGLY (Dark Lord is seriously UGLEH) 3rd-Job Clothes by giving them money! Yah-hoo! A full line of clothes was released for all 3rd-jobs, including new hair dyes!
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PostSubject: Re: eTO Updates and News   Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:37 pm

Patch 2.10.3(Jan 23, 2008)

* = Removed/Ended on Feb. 13th Patch

~ = Unknown Removal Date

* 1. DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIG!! DRILL!!! GO NOW!!!!- Personally renamed by me, this AWESOME event is basically FREE MYSHOP POINTS! Basically, everyone needs to drill 3,500,000 Poppuri Boxes (they are drilled on ALL maps), that way every account with a Lv15+ will recive ALL of the following:
1 100k Galder Check
10 Portable Port Deluxes
15 Gacha Coins
5 Flower of Revival
2 World Star Box
3 World Star Box SE
1 Master's Authority
5 Marble Drills
1 Flicker Drill
1 Double Wing Sunny
1 White Angel Stat Upgrade
25,000 Myshop Points!!!!!!
The big ticker of how many boxes we (both Jewelia and Fantasia) have drilled, as well as the prize stages can be found here.

* 2. Gold Father Boxes- For every 5k of Myshop Points pyou purchase until the patch, you recieve a FREE Gold Father Gift Box. It look like there's some neat Magic-Type stuff in there!

* 3. New Myshop Biker Boxes & EQ's- Apparently after the pimp stylin' of GM Chaos, a new set of EQ's has been added to Myshop. Of course, they had to put them in boxes that you have to open 50 of to get the item you want ;>.>...

* 4. Addict a friend to Trickster!- They brought back the friend event, yay! All you have to do is invite a friend to play eTO, they sighn up as "Recommended" by you and if the new member reaches Lv 35 by the patch you both get some uber loot! Open the link to see prizes and how to recommend/invite.

~ 5. New Beginner Gacha Town & Gacha Drill- yay! There's a new way to drill in Gacha! All you do is pay 2 coins and use the "Flicker Gacha Drill" and you get a GUARANTEED rare item! No more G1 Pink Pots! Also, Beginner Gacha Town was yet again taken over, this time by Magicain Sephira! Whoo~ More Magic-Type Items!

6. New Drills in Myshop- Two new drills have been added to myshop, both with reasonably good stats and depth. Also, having a Bling or Hot Drill is just awesome for the name alone ^o^. Fo' real pimps like me be rollin' wit da' Bling Drill, yo.

7. New Equip Sets- New sets for Lv 130+ have been added to myshop! Classic and Smooth Sets are no longer the best! Mecury EQ's give ridiculous amounts of AC or DA, depending on the dagger or gun, while Saturn gives MA and LK in amounts that made my cry....in joy, of course...

8. New Sprints- A few new "Sprint" Accseories have been added to Myshop, one is for Charm Types, the other is for Magic Types. Both give an 80% speed boost and are timed items, like all other sprints.
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PostSubject: Re: eTO Updates and News   

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eTO Updates and News
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