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 Rules & General Information

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PostSubject: Rules & General Information   Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:58 pm

Here you'll find all you need to know about this guild (I hope XD).

I. Forum Rules
II. Guild Rules
III. General Information
IV. Joining Requirements
V. Kicking Rules

I. Forum Rules:

1. No excessive spamming. Also, please try to use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation. Posts full of mistakes don't make you look all that smart.

2. No double-posting. The Edit Button is there for a reason. Several picture threads are exempt from this rule.

3. No insulting.Just discuss matters in a calm manner please. If arguments do escalate, feel free to screenshot the conversation and send it my way; I'll see what I can do.

4. Please use the name of the char you joined the guild with to register on the forums, so everyone knows who you are.

5. Use common sense. Self-explanatory, isn't it?

II. Guild Rules:

1. No spamming or serious insulting in guildchat. I know everyone likes jokingly insulting others - I do that alot myself - but don't cross the line and hurt others. Use common sense also applies here.

2. Let someone know if you won't be online for whatever reason. Guild memo, the forum's Absense section, or hell, just tell someone who's there to pass a message. If you're gone for weeks without notice, you'll probably find yourself guildless upon coming back. If I know you won't be on, that's a totally different story.

3. Don't lie. I know that's a given, really, but it can cause lots of drama. This also involves scamming. If I find out you scammed someone, even if just once, you'll instantly get kicked; already happened.

4. This isn't actually a rule, more of a request. If some other member needs help, be it items or a "noob" question, try to help if you can and don't be rude (easy solution: direct them to the MOG Wiki). Remember, we all started as noobs. Remember not to overdo it, though. Asking for help a few times is ok, begging is NOT. Try to do stuff yourself; if you absolutely can't do some quest, do it later. If you still can't do it then, asking for help is justified.

5. TALK! Everyone who doesn't talk at all can expect to be kicked again after a few days. This may sound harsh, but I've seen lots of people who don't even answer when you ask them something or say hi. Since it even says we're recruiting TALKATIVE people, I don't think I'm expecting too much, am I?
I understand being shy and not talking a lot directly after joining, but not saying anything at all defeats the purpose of being in a guild.

6. Since we're a mostly English guild, that's the language everyone should speak in guildchat. If there's a friend of yours in the guild and you wanna talk to him in your own language, please do so in PMs, for the most part. I know that at least I hate it when people constantly speak a language I don't understand. xD If anyone's bothered by those talking in a different language, tell them to stop., even if it IS me talking German or something =x
This doesn't mean you can't ever write something in your native language, of course. If you translate whatever you said and if it's not a lenghty convo with another person, that's alright. If you join and the first thing you say is NOT English though... VERY bad first impression.

III. General Information:

1. Secondary chars in guild are encouraged, so if you try to apply and there's no room, just tell me you want to join with another char and I'll leave a spot ^^

2. This guild is mostly for chatting/making friends.If you're expecting lots of GvG/PvP, you'll be disappointed. We DO have these, but it's rare.

3. If any of your friends want to join, just tell them to apply (if they're active/talkative, that is. I won't guarantee not kicking your friends if they never say anything, sorry.). If there's no room, I'll surely be able to make some~

IV. Joining Requirements:
  • any level
  • talkative
  • friendly
  • active
  • good grasp of the English language
  • willing to GvG? (optional xD)
  • NOT a scammer/beggar/illiterate

V. Kicking rules:
This is to make clear when we kick people, so you know what to expect.

  • Char hasn't been on for 1 month WITHOUT notice (telling me/co-leaders or Absence section thread)
  • Char hasn't been online for 1 week after joining
  • Char doesn't talk much/at all.
  • Char is rude to other members (you'll get a warning first; if you don't stop then, you're out~)
  • Char keeps spamming and/or begging (you'll get a warning here as well) or is a scammer (instantly kicked)

If there are any important things you think I forgot, PM me or whatever and I'll think about adding to the list.

Edit: Yes I was damn bored when I colorcoded this...


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Rules & General Information
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