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 Lots of Stuff!

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PostSubject: Lots of Stuff!   Tue Jan 12, 2010 3:19 pm

As you all know... I have tons of mules xD
I sell pretty much everything haha

I have:

Rose Quest Itens (drilled)
Gems from mines: Caballa Relics, Snow Hills, Black Swamp.
Gloom Equips
Pets (Ice Girl, Metal Hodori 120)
2nd Anniv. Vest
Delicate Key (I can give you if you need, I have more than 400)
Arcana Cards
Snow Hills Quests (drilled)
Attr. Stones (Light, Air, Dark)
Dark Red Notebook
Techichi Sticker
Ticket of the Valiant
Card Hunter's Diary
Stones 50~320 (MA, HP, AC, AP, DA mainly. Ask me for more)
Secret Cards (I always have a lot)
Maps (all 3 types A and B) from Rose, Snow Hills and Ghost Blue.

I think it's everything... or almost.
If you see my mules and need something, make offers or I can give you the item (depends on the item, of course)

Mules are: S2BabyS2, VampisMule, VampisSlave, Mulhers2Vamp, Mathus, MathusCat.
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Lots of Stuff!
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