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 S> Fuses

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PostSubject: S> Fuses   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:27 pm

Ooook, time to list stuff I could fuse. Organized by acc for my convenience.


Coral Sword
Unquenchable Blood Saber
Shark Gun

Gentleman's Fedora

Queen's Shield 200
Aestra Shield

-> No Flames left



Bunny Hammer
Panda Paw
Sephira's Staff
Cupid's SMG-143
Engagement Bow Gun

Magical Girl Hat
Biker Helmet
Vigor Cross

Saint Shield
Witch's Ice Shield
Bunny Shield
Panda Shield
Serving Shield
UFO Shield
Wedding Shield
Magical Girl Shield
Vigor Shield

-> No Flames left



Swashbuckler's Saber

Swashbuckler's Hat


Stuff that's already fused:

Matrimony Crossbow
Starlight Edge
Mars Sword

Hunter Master Hat (AP Hat, currently borrowed by Cyn?)
Gentleman's Fedora (AP Hat)
Wonder Star Band

Magical Star Shield


My Flames are very limited, so first come, first serve Dx
Just offer for all the stuff~


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PostSubject: Re: S> Fuses   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:00 pm

If you still got the Starlight hat for sale I'll buy it. Just hold it for me I'm still gathering money since I went broke buying all those fuses. I'll buy it for 5mil since that's how much you said you'd sell it for
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S> Fuses
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