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 I can't log on anymore...Old PC SUX

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PostSubject: I can't log on anymore...Old PC SUX   Tue Mar 03, 2009 6:44 pm

Hi Guildies ^.^ Sorry I haven't been around on the game. My new PC is now a paperweight (broken) so I'm stuck using my older PC and I can't get past the character selection screen. I've been trying to get on since it broke down 2 weeks ago but so far no luck. I hope I haven't been kicked from the guild... Razz I posted in the trickster forum today for help so MAYBE someone can help me and I'll be back on soon. I miss you all and hope to see ya soon in-game.

Could someone "of power" Razz post a reply so that I know that at least the master/sub master(s) has seen this and understands my situation? I'm worried about being kicked from the guild!!! Crying or Very sad
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I can't log on anymore...Old PC SUX
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