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 what's ur style? :D

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PostSubject: what's ur style? :D   Thu May 01, 2008 5:09 pm

just wondering what u guys usually wear Very Happy
and also what brands u usually wear xD

dark blue skinny/straight jeans
ALWAYS wear a watch
simple graphic t-shirt and a zip hoodie
turtle neck sweaters
long shirts with leggings
NO heels
NO skirts
tight/semi tight clothes
usually the tops colors are mostly light blue, pale pink, white, black, yellow, green

i usually buy garage, bluenotes, american eagle, streetwear society, bench, and kelsie
and i'd rather spend 300 dollars on buying 10 non-brand jeans rather than buying 1 victoria beckham/or w/e brand jeans..
any1 agree?
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PostSubject: Re: what's ur style? :D   Fri May 02, 2008 2:00 am

lol, I totally agree with the money thing, the only clothing item I ever spent more that liuke $20 was my Tuxedo

Generally I wear small T-shirts and blue jeans. In fact...thats all I wear XD

My work clothes are usually dickies (blue or black) with a blue or black button-up polo tyle shirt...nothing interesting, its work clothes, lawl
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what's ur style? :D
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