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 Pissed Off

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PostSubject: Pissed Off   Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:16 am

This probably effects very few of you since i know most players like losti blew their points on gacha or something the moment they got them, but i just recently found out about the myshop point removal from the box event.

Im so fucking pissed off right now i cant see straight, infact i thought i would share with all of you my rant i sent to ntreev just to get the anger off my chest.

You guys have some guts taking away those myshop points after the event, yea i am a little late on this because i was on vacation but me and my lover sat around and drilled up probably 3000 boxes alone. and while the kids that play ran off and blew their points on gacha we were saving ours, then we log on when we get home and find the points gone and some sad little apology note on the news section.

If you were afraid of abuse of the system you should of set up an IP restriction or thought your event out more before you set it up in the first place, not punish your honest players.

Oh and OBVIOUSLY the ones that abused it with multiple accounts would have already gifted away the points so you have done nothing for damage control what so ever. All you ended up doing was punishing the players who were saving them up for something.

Oh and don't bother sending me an apologetic style response like your sorry for the inconvience, you guys didn't sit around for god knows how many hours digging up boxes.

Suffice to say i did purchase things with my own personal money through your game, even got my family that plays christmas gifts but if your going to pull something like this don't expect to see another penny of my money ever again.

Good day.
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Pissed Off
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